Following the motto "simplicity matters , do less get more" I have been following the approach based on open source offering consulting services.
The key points are:

  • Load Balancing
    The distribution of load request on downstream webservers, coupled with a reliable detection of whether requests can be forwarded to connected servers is one of the main tasks of a load balancer / content switch.
    Because the own a very central place in the infrastructure, they should to be redunandant and also partly deal with firewall funtionality.
    This can be done with Open Source tools like keepalived, HAProxy, IPVS ( Linux Virtual Server ), pound, pen and varnish. If you
    need commercial support, please try
  • High Availability
    The main goal the ressources are everytimes up and running is one of the best explanationof HA.
    Widely used here are so-called two-node clusters in active passive mode. If the active fails, the passive one becomes active. Here we have tools such as carp VRRP, ucarp, pacemaker and corosync that will help
  • OpenWrt
    With OpenWrt, a narrow, highly customizable Router Firmware VPNs, Gateways, reverse proxies can be created to operate both virtualized and bare metal. Just think of a very powerful Wlan Router, that has no Wlan.